Caring Gene® Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Caring Gene® Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Our FAQs include everything you need to know about jobs and training in the care industry. Search for opportunities and begin your career in healthcare.

What is the Caring Gene®?

A healthcare recruitment brand designed to enhance and facilitate awareness of, and interest in, careers in the long term care sector; based on the premise that people working in the long term care field have an innate desire to work in an environment where taking care of others is a priority.

I’m a long term care provider. How can I participate in the Caring Gene®? Or How can I showcase open job and training opportunities?

Email us at to find out how to participate.

Will the Caring Gene® really help me find jobs?

Use advanced filtering to search for open opportunities in your area.

You can also learn more about long term care certification training and requirements on the caring industry page.

Do you have any positions outside of long term care?

There are employers, such as hospitals, that also recruit experienced and trained long term care workers.  If that employer has joined the Caring Gene program you will find those opportunities on the Job Search page.

Is this just for New York State?

At this time, only New York-based employers participate in the Caring Gene®.

Do I need experience in healthcare?

Getting hired for certain positions in long term care does not require a background in healthcare.

Am I required to have ongoing education?

Many long term care organizations provide continuing education necessary for various roles. Some organizations have internal departments that are dedicated solely to continuing education and supporting their employees in this area.

Are there opportunities for growth?

There are great opportunities for growth in long term care. Regardless of position or department, all roles have the opportunity to grow with continued training and education.

Is the pay competitive?

Sometimes HHAs and CNAs work with multiple agencies or organizations to reach their desired level of income.

I have a family and other outside responsibility. Is there flexibility for work/life balance?

A career in long term care allows for an extremely flexible schedule and shifts that best accommodates your family’s needs.

Will I only be working with the elderly?

Long term care patients are of all ages and abilities.  Long term care professionals provide individuals of all ages with both the physical and emotional support they need; hygiene care is only a small part of this. If you are interested in helping to better the lives of others, work in long term care will never feel boring or routine.

With COVID-19, will I be safe working in the long term care field?

In the COVID-19 environment, long term care organizations are one of the safest places to be.  Both State and Federal guidance require long term care organizations (home care, assisted living and nursing homes) to undertake specific activities to maintain the safety of clients, residents, workers and family.

I don’t want to be hands on with patients or residents. Are there other positions available?

Available positions in long term care span a variety of specialties and interests outside of direct patient care.  These include food service, administration, maintenance, and housekeeping; however, all long term care workers in are there to support the care of others.

Isn’t it true that working in long term care can be physically demanding and you often have to deal with difficult people?

There are physical requirements such as the ability to lift 50 pounds or more. While long term care professionals may deal with a difficult patient every now and again, the majority of their time is spent forming meaningful, rewarding relationships.